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Tim Kelly
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Works by this writer:
Author of: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
Adapted from the Mark Twain Classic

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court The Musical

A Marriage Proposal--Western Style
Adapted From Anton Chekov's Comedy Classic

A Monster Ate My Homework

A Monster Ate My Homework -- The Musical

Abracadabra, Aladdin!
A Mini-Musical Adapted and Dramatized from "The Arabian Nights' Entertainment"


Aladdin and His Wonderful, Magical Lamp
Adapted and Dramatized From "The Arabian Nights' Entertainment"

Alas! Alack! Zorro's Back!

Alias Smedley Pewtree
or... The Villain of Glitter Gulch

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
From the Writings of Lewis Carroll

Amy Goes Army

Bang! Bang! You're Dead
or... What I Learned From Watching Television

Beast of the Baskervilles

Bedside Manor

Belle of Bisbee
or... Expel All Wicked Ways

Blue Suede Paws
A Mini-Musical Monster Spoof

Bride Of Frankenstein Goes Malibu
A Hilarious "Spooky Spoof"

Calling The Hawk


Coney Island of Dr. Moreau

Cry Of The Banshee

Curse You, Otis Crummy
or... A Rip In Old Calico

Ditch Day

Don't Rock The Boat

Don't Rock the Boat -- The Musical

Don't Say No to the U.S.O.!
A Patriotic Mini-Musical Salute

Dr. Jekyll... Please Don't Hyde!

Everything's Groovy!
A Mini-Musical Tribute to the 1960s

A Madcap Musical Comedy Tribute to the 1920s

Follow that Rabbit
"The Wonderland Story" Adapted from the Classic Writings of Lewis Carroll

Frankenstein Slept Here

Fussin' an' a-Feudin'
A hillbilly mini-musical comedy in one act


Going... Going... Gone With the Breeze
A Gusty Mini-Musical

Gone With The Breeze

A musical comedy tribute to the 1960s

Guess What I Did Last Summer
A Mini-Musical Comedy

Happily Never After

Hee Haw Hayride
A Hillbilly Musical Comedy In Two Acts

Hello From Mongo

Help! I'm Trapped In A High School!

Here Come the Cows
or... Never Say "Moo" In Mesa

Hi, Ho, Robin Hood

Hooray For Hollywood


How Santa Got His Christmas Tree

Hurricane Smith -- The Musical

Hurricane Smith and the Garden of the Golden Monkey

I Want My Mummy!

Incognito and the Kansas City Kid

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Chickenman!

It's Bigfoot

Kilroy Was Here
A Musical Salute to the G.I. Joes and Jills of the 1940s

King of the Golden River
from John Ruskin's classic

Kodiak Flapjack
Man Of The Frozen North

Kokonut High
A Krazy Komedy in Two Acts

Kokonut Island
A mini-musical krazy kaper

Kokonut Kapers

Krazy Kamp

Krazy Kamp -- The Musical

Lady Dracula
Suggested by the writings of Bram Stoker


Last Chance High

Little Luncheonette of Terror

Little Miss Christie

Live a Little

Lizzie Borden Of Fall River

Lucky Dollar -- Private Eye

Lucky Dollar, Private Eye -- The Musical

Lumberjacks and Weddingbelles

Mark Twain in the Garden of Eden

Adapted from the novel by Anton Chekov

Meet the Creeps


Monster Soup

Mountain Fever

My Gypsy Robe

Never Trust a City Slicker
or... Two Skunks and a Trunk

Not Far from the Gioconda Tree

A New Musical Based On the L. Frank Baum Classic Book

Pecos Bill & Slue-Foot Sue Meet The Dirty Dan Gang

Peril at Pumpernickle Pass
or... To Heir Is Human

Phantom of the Op'ry

Renfield Of The Flies And Spiders
or... Tell Dracula to Bug Off

Reunion On Gallows Hill

Robin Hood

Robin Hood -- The Musical
A Merry Musical Adventure In Two Acts

Rock Around the Block
A Mini-Musical Fifties Extravaganza

Rogue of the Railway
or... Should He Free Her or Knot?

Santa and the Wicked Wazoo

Secret Of Skull Island

Seven Brides for Dracula

Seven Wives For Dracula

Shake With a Zombie
A Mini-Musical Comedy

Shakespeare Comes to Calamity Creek

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Meets the Phantom


Snow White

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
The Musical Adapted from the Original Story by The Brothers Grimm

Song of the Mounties
or... Sour Notes in the Snow

Spring Break

Squad Room

Squad Room Blues

Stop That Villain!
or... Have You No Shame, Rip Roquefort?

Stop the Presses!
or... She's Not My Type

Summer's In the Air

Sundown Alley

Sunset Trail
or... Norma's Desperate to Get Back to the Boulevard

Teenage Night Of Living Horror

Teens in Tinseltown

The Aliens Are Coming! The Aliens Are Coming!
A Far-Out Farce In Two Acts

The Ballad of Gopher Gap
or... Sticky Fingers Won't Wash

The Brothers O'Toole

The Creepy Creeps of Pilgrim Road

The Day Christmas Disappeared from Evergreen Town

The Empty Chair

The Eskimos Have Landed

The Great Ghost Chase

The Incredible Bulk at Bikini Beach

The Internal Teen Machine

The Invisible Man

The Jungle Book
Adapted From the "Mowgli" Stories of Rudyard Kipling

The Keeping Place

The Magical Land of Oz
A Mini-Musical Based on the L. Frank Baum Classic Book

The Masked Canary

The Mouse And The Raven

The Nifty Fifties
A Musical Comedy Tribute To The 1950s

The Ratcatcher's Daughter
or... Death Valley Daze

The Secret Garden
Adapted From the Novel By Frances Hodgson Burnett

The Shame of Tombstone
or... Dirty Work In the Lucky Cuss

The Snake in the Grass
or... He Rattled the Rails

The Time Machine

The Villain Wore a Dirty Shirt
or... Always Wash Your Longjohns 'Cause It Makes A Lotta Cents

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

This Old House

Those Wedding Bells Shall Not Ring Out
or... The Bride Wore Green Chili Peppers

Tied to the Tracks

Time and Time Again

Toby Tyler

Toga! Toga! Toga!

Trapped in a Villain's Web
or... Weave Me A Loan

Treachery at Cartilage Creek
or... Bogus Had A Bone to Pick

Trouble in Tumbleweed
Suggested by Nikolai Gogol's "The Inspector General"

Based On The Comic Strip Created By Tom K. Ryan

Under Jekyll's Hyde

Unhappily Ever After

Wagon Wheels West

Wash Your Troubles Away
or... Dirty Deeds Come Clean

We Like It Here

Welcome to Bedside Manor

Westward, Whoa!

Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder?
or... You Are What You Eat

Wrangler Ranch

Yard Sale

You Ain't Nothin' But A Werewolf
A Hair-Raisin' Musical Spoof in Two Acts

You Can't Stamp Out Love
or... Oh, My Darling, Val Ann Tyne

Young Dracula
or... The Singing Bat

Yours Truly, Jack Frost

Zorro's Back in Town
or... The Curse of Buck Badum

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