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Bob  Jude Ferrante
Country: USA

Born: 11/4/1959
Location of Birth: New York, NY

Died: Not available
Location of Death: Not available

Bio: Bob Jude Ferrante‘s Twinges played NYC Fall 2002 to critical kudos from BackStage and OOBR. Twinges has also been frequently performed around the country and is hotbed of material for actors audition pieces. He is a finalist for Actor's Theatre of Louisville's 2003 Heideman award. Tragedy, A Comedy recently played at Show World. His serio-comedy subCity was recently premiered as part of NY Play Development’s 4Play 2000 Festival, directed by Kim Doi. His dark comedy Hemlock, a Greek Diner Tragedy got its premiere in Dallas Texas by Extra Virgin Theatre Company under Gretchen Swen’s direction to critical raves from the Dallas Observer; Hemlock has also received public readings at NYC’s 78th St. Theatre Lab and elsewhere.

Bob is currently completing a commission for Praxis Theatre Project NYC, a female-driven thriller titled Mortal Coil.

Bob's work is regularly anthologized in Smith and Kraus' Best Stage Scenes and Best Monologues series, five years running. Bob is also currently working on a commission from Praxis Theatre Project on the theme "Female Driven Thriller".

His short plays Men's and Scene Analysis for Fun and Profit been much produced in theatre festivals in NYC, Nyack NY, Ann Arbor Michigan, upstate NY, New Jersey, and Ontario, Canada.

Flowers of War (a politically-charged tale about Operation Desert Storm) was produced Off-Off-Broadway by MOSAIC Productions. Lysistrata!—Of Labor and Love premiered at the Northcott Theatre (Exeter, England).

Recently completed projects also include the three Eve of Crimes plays (Memory Motel, Freefalling and The Last Days of Paradise).

Bob is a member of the Dramatists Guild and is Co-Artistic Director of Sanctuary: Playwrights Theatre, a NYC-based coalition of playwright/producers. Bob is regularly performs dramaturgy and directing work in service to many NYC-area playwrights.

Works by this writer:
Author of: Eve of Crimes
A Woman is Never What You Think

A Greek Diner Tragedy


The Buffoon Piece
Una Cosa Buffa

Stop Laughing!

Musician/Composer of: The Buffoon Piece
Una Cosa Buffa
Lyricist of: The Buffoon Piece
Una Cosa Buffa

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