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Trivia for Marla's Devotion
Contributed by: herone
Aug 10 2002 10:37AM
Excerpts from MARLA'S DEVOTION have been widely anthologied: in THE BEST STAGE SCENES OF 1997 and THE BEST WOMEN'S STAGE MONOLOGUES OF 1997 (Smith & Kraus) and SCENES FOR WOMEN BY WOMEN (Heinemann). The script itself is available from Herone Press.
Contributed by: herone
Aug 10 2002 10:37AM
MARLA’S DEVOTION was simultaneously premiered on two continents. One production was by New Visions Productions, Athens, GA, April, 1997. Director: Rebecca Kazokas.
Joey: Ariadne Guthrie. Marla: Rebecca Kasokas.
Voices: Sarah Falls, Ariadne Guthrie, Stephanie K. Williams. The other was by Ten Foot Theatre at the All England Theatre Festival, Hull, England, where it won a Festival Prize.

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