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Hit the Muscle

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Jennifer  Kollmer

Holly Milano thinks the doctor may be right: her problems could be stress related. Any of her friends or coworkers would tell you she’s self-assured, direct, and supremely capable—and has been for as long as anyone can remember. But with recently discovered infertility issues always on her mind, Holly's nearly overwhelmed by everyday stresses: running an office building, volunteering as a mentor for troubled teens, or maintaining an even footing in debates with Michael, her lawyer husband. Referred to a psychiatrist to work on stress management, Holly fights the urge to tell the analyst about her mother’s recent passing, which launched Holly’s need for a daughter of her own. Instead, she elaborates on how skeptical she is of her physician’s it’s-just-stress theory and requests something concrete that she can do to work on the problem. Holly’s friend Lisa, a nurse who’s envied Holly’s organizational skills since high school, offers her support and tries to teach her how to administer her own fertility medication. Holly, who has an acute fear of needles, can barely watch the procedure, let alone learn to inject herself. Holly also refrains from telling her analyst what she fears might be the real cause of her infertility: even Michael doesn't know about Holly's wild bout with alcohol and drugs in her teen years, and she intends to keep her secret under wraps. But with the truth pushing itself to the surface, Holly doesn't know how much longer she can stay in control. When Michael starts to guess at the history behind her needle phobia, Holly finds herself at the breaking point.

Play Details:
Genre(s): Drama
Time Period(s): Post-Modern 1990 - present
Play Type: Play
Runtime: 35 minutes
Acts: 1
Set Complexity: Average
Set Information: Not Available
Year First Published: 2003
Total Characters: 3
Male Characters: 1
Female Characters: 2
Androgynous Characters:Not Available
Minimum Cast: Not Available
Maximum Cast: Not Available
Cost: Not Available
Publisher: self
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ISBN: Not Available

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