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More about The Buffoon Piece:

The Buffoon Piece
Una Cosa Buffa

Bob  Jude Ferrante

Bob  Jude Ferrante

Bob  Jude Ferrante

The compromises of art -- and the art of compromise. Italy, 1937. For 500 years, kings and tyrants came and went but life’s unchanged in tiny Volpe Nero. Alessandro and his father, of Italy's last Commedia Dell’Arte troupe, scrape a meager existence from tradition's crumbs, That's all about to change. As Mussolini and Hitler forge their tragic alliance, two fugitives from a Fascist prison camp arrive seeking refuge — with Blackshirts and a vengeful clown in hot pursuit. Father and son clash: do what’s safe, or do what’s right? note: the Buffoon Piece is available both in straight drama format and as a play with music—13 original songs.

Play Details:
Genre(s): Drama
Time Period(s): Modern to 1950
Play Type: Play
Runtime: 130 minutes
Acts: 5
Set Complexity: Average
Set Information: Terence Stage (a la Commedia Dell'Arte)
Year First Published: 1998
Total Characters: 10
Male Characters: 6
Female Characters: 3
Androgynous Characters:1
Minimum Cast: 9
Maximum Cast: 10
Cost: 7.50 Contact author:
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Publisher: Sanctuary
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ISBN: Not Available

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