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Base Two

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Jennifer  Kollmer

Betsey, a 28-year-old computer programmer, seems to have everything going for her—she’s smart and successful, with good friends who share her interests—but she finds herself easily overwhelmed. Not surprisingly, Betsey is great at putting things into categories—she can pull the correct bit out of a stream of numbers or spot a faulty argument, no problem—but her analytical skills fail her in the social world. She can’t categorize people, least of all herself. In social situations, should she act like a woman or like a programmer? Does she fit in with her cerebral pals Edmund and Harris, who seem comfortable with their own nerdy personalities, or is she more like her friend Erin, a high-school cheerleader turned kickboxing instructor? Edmund has all but given up hope that Betsy will return his secretly harbored crush. When Betsey recruits Edmund to help her design an enhancement of their favorite computer game, RealTime, he jumps at the chance to spend a month working nonstop with her, even though the two immediately start fighting for control of the project. Betsy and Edmund enlist Erin's help in their design for RealTime, promising to make her the next Lara Croft. In her enthusiasm to recruit Erin, Betsey lies about the nature of the project, promising to make her the next Lara Croft. Erin agrees to help. Betsey uses her time with Erin to try to understand how this unquestionably feminine woman ticks. Edmund, wowed by how much she lives in the present and physical world, uses his time with Erin to shoot footage of martial arts sequences, and sees his chance to start a more normal, or at least reciprocated, relationship. When Betsey learns that Edmund and Erin are dating, her jealousy surprises her. She tells herself that she shouldn’t mind, so long as their extra-curricular relationship doesn’t interfere with RealTime’s deadline, but she can’t shake her disapproval. Betsey looks for consolation from the gloomy Harris, who offers little help. As the project deadline approaches, and Erin considers that she and Edmund might belong to two different worlds, Betsey and Edmund have to find out what they want from each other.

Play Details:
Genre(s): Comedy
Time Period(s): Post-Modern 1990 - present
Play Type: Play
Runtime: 100 minutes
Acts: 2
Set Complexity: Complex
Set Information: Not Available
Year First Published: Not Available
Total Characters: 5
Male Characters: 3
Female Characters: 2
Androgynous Characters:Not Available
Minimum Cast: 4
Maximum Cast: Not Available
Cost: Not Available
Publisher: self
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ISBN: Not Available

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