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More about The Plumber's Apprentice:

The Plumber's Apprentice

Mark  Stein

Sally, a "liberated" young woman who is out to establish the equality of her sex in the plumbing trade, is assigned by the union to work with Rog, a middle-aged master plumber who obviously feels that a woman's place is in the home. At first they are oil and water, but Sally is determined to master her craft no matter how snide and brusque Rog might be, and gradually, in a series of sometimes funny sometimes poignant short scenes, Sally gains Rog's acceptance and even his respect. In the end, however, Sally wearies of the uphill struggle and concedes that she has taken on more than she can cope with--much to the unexpected consternation of Rog, who, in a deftly understated final scene, has to admit that Sally has turned out to be a pretty good apprentice after all.

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Play Type: Play
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Total Characters: 2
Male Characters: 1
Female Characters: 1
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Cost: FEE: $20 per performance
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