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More about The Moonshot Tape:

The Moonshot Tape

Lanford  Wilson

Having come home to visit her mother, who has been placed in a nursing home, Diane, now a well known writer, is being interviewed for the local newspaper. Only she speaks. Her remarks are in answer to such questions as where she gets the ideas for her stories; whether her youth in Mountain Grove influenced her work; and why she decided to leave home. At first obliging and matter-of-fact, Diane gradually begins to reveal more than her questioner might have bargained for--a childhood marred by the loss of her father and her mother's coldness; the promiscuity which she was driven to in search of the love and concern which were denied her at home; and, most devastating of all, the molestation by her stepfather which shaped her character indelibly--and led to the harrowing event which she describes at the end of her recital. To the world at large Diane is someone who has shaken off the dust of Mountain Grove and has gone on to bigger and better things. To herself, however, it is painfully clear that what she is what her earlier life ordained--because no one ever really leaves the place from which they came.

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