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More about July 7, 1994:

July 7, 1994

Donald  Margulies

JULY 7, 1994 is a haunting examination of doctor's life as she works and lives in the inner city. Her conversations with her patients reveal troubled lives that mirror what we see around us today. The compassion for her patients invades her thoughts and when she returns home at the end of the day, she wants to emerse herself into the more serene lives of her husband and young son. When her husband recounts the day's innocent happenings, and reads aloud a bedtime story, she cannot help but breakdown and break lose from the sufferings she's witnessed all day. Silently sobbing in her husbands' arms, she releases the pain of one who must bear it again tomorrow.

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Total Characters: 6
Male Characters: 2
Female Characters: 4
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