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More about A Poster of the Cosmos:

A Poster of the Cosmos

Lanford  Wilson

The place is a Manhattan police station, where a young man, Tom, is being interrogated after having created a disturbance at the hospital where his friend and lover has just died from AIDS. Although only Tom speaks, it is clear that the flood of memories which bursts forth is triggered by the uncomprehending questions of the policemen who now watch him in stony silence. At first he is defensive and impatient with his questioners' inability to understand his behavior, but gradually, as he recalls his time with his lost friend, the depth of their feeling and commitment for each other emerges. Recalling a host of "little" details, Tom creates a telling portrait of two human beings who must come to understand themselves as individuals before they can comprehend their relationship to each other--much less their position relevant to society at large. Sometimes poignant, sometimes harrowing, Tom's deeply felt words also make it clear that the guilt and remorse which he feels should, in truth, be shared by all who do not try to understand--or pledge themselves to overcome--this terrible pestilence which has brought so much loss and suffering to our times.

Play Details:
Genre(s): Drama
Time Period(s): Not Available
Play Type: Play
Runtime: Not Available
Acts: Not Available
Set Complexity: Not Available
Set Information: Not Available
Year First Published: Not Available
Total Characters: 1
Male Characters: 1
Female Characters: 0
Androgynous Characters:Not Available
Minimum Cast: Not Available
Maximum Cast: Not Available
Cost: FEE: $25 per performance when produced individually; $50 when produced in tandem with THE MOONSHOT TAPE
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Publisher: Dramatists Play Service
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ISBN: Not Available

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