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More about A Soldier's Passion:

A Soldier's Passion
Dancing Dancing Death!

Linda  Eisenstein

Linda  Eisenstein

A Brechtian musical revue about the corrosive effects of war. Based on the work of Siegfried Sassoon, a British army officer who wrote scathing anti-war poetry from the trenches, and later became Britain's most famous conscientious objector. The material reflects World War I, including its music -- mock-Anglican hymns, ragtime, operetta, music-hall -- but the production evokes war images of many periods. May be played as a small cast cabaret or a large-cast show with multimedia.

Play Details:
Genre(s): Drama
Time Period(s): Modern to 1950
Play Type: Musical
Runtime: 75 minutes
Acts: 1
Set Complexity: Simple
Set Information: Not Available
Year First Published: 1998
Total Characters: 5
Male Characters: 3
Female Characters: 2
Androgynous Characters:Not Available
Minimum Cast: 5
Maximum Cast: 20
Cost: $7.00
Royalty/cost information prone to change.
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Publisher: Herone Press
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ISBN: Not Available

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