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More about Variations on the Death of Trotsky and Other Short Comedies. (See All in the Timing):

Variations on the Death of Trotsky and Other Short Comedies. (See All in the Timing)

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David  Ives

THE STORIES: In FOREPLAY OR: THE ART OF THE FUGUE, Chuck, a young man with a Don Juan reputation, brings his date to play a round of miniature golf and to seduce her. He philosophizes and jokes, slipping in as much sexual innuendo as he can. When they move to the second hole, a slightly older Chuck II appears with another date. His technique more slick, but his date is suspicious of him. Both couples continue their conversations and games, the dialogue comically interwoven. Finally a third Chuck, now in his late thirties, arrives with a young date. He is somewhat rumpled, tired and things are not going well for him. His latest date doesn't get his jokes and, worse, she is beating him at golf. VARIATIONS ON THE DEATH OF TROTSKY is a comic look at the assassination of the famous Russian revolutionary, killed by his Mexican gardener, who smashed a mountain climber's axe into his skull. The play opens the day after the attack, with Trotsky busily writing and with the axe sticking out of his head. The play consists of quick scenes, each with a different comic take on Trotsky's death. PHILIP GLASS BUYS A LOAF OF BREAD is a quick-witted spoof of contemporary opera with Philip Glass, the guru of minimalist music, at its center. In the course of buying a loaf of bread, Glass, his ex-lover, her friend and a baker join in a spoken quartet about lost time and lost chances of love. In SPEED-THE-PLAY, we are presented with rewritten works of David Mamet, all which have been "boiled down with the gist extracted." AMERICAN BUFFALO, SPEED-THE-PLOW, SEXUAL PERVERSITY IN CHICAGO, and GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS are each condensed to about four pages of blunt, hilarious Mamet-like exchanges. This is a must for Mamet fans. FOREPLAY OR: THE ART OF THE FUGUE calls for 3 men, 3 women; VARIATIONS ON THE DEATH OF TROTSKY calls for 2 men, 1 woman; PHILIP GLASS BUYS A LOAF OF BREAD calls for 2 men, 2 women; and SPEED-THE-PLAY calls for 9 men, 2 women (flexible casting).

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