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100 Women's Stage Monologues from the 1980s
Editors: Jocelyn A. Beard

Items in this Collection:
Monologues: Viviane from Opera Comique

Marguerite from Red Noses

Blonde from The Incredibly Famous Willy Rivers

Paula from The Real Queen of Hearts Ain't Even Pretty

Actress from Impassioned Embraces

Doris from The Loman Family Picnic

Sarah from Love and Anger

Sarah from Love and Anger

Margy from The Widow's Blind Date

Phoebe from Eastern Standard

Emily from Emily

Lipochka from A Family Affair

Rachel from Reckless

Sharon from Three Ways Home

Woman from Laughing Wild

Woman from Laughing Wild

Merteuil from Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Effie from Life and Limb

Shelley from Candy & Shelley Go to the Desert

Bonnie from Hurlyburly

Marsha from Sally and Marsha

Madeleine from The Fairies are Thirsty

Alice from Charity

Agatha from Faith

Mom from Lloyd's Prayer

Norma from Mixed Feelings

Chata from Roosters

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