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The Best Women's Stage Monologues of 1991
Editors: Jocelyn A. Beard

Items in this Collection:
Monologues: Macon Hill from Abundance

Jennifer Collins from Amateurs

Karen from The Balcony Scene

Lynne from żDe Donde?

Romy from Grotesque Lovesongs

Woman from I Stand Before You Naked

Molly Kass from The Last Good Moment of Lily Baker

Sandy from Love Diatribe

Lorraine from Lusting After Pipino's Wife

Lorraine from Lusting After Pipino's Wife

Viola from The Rabbit Foot

Mother Superior from Same Old Moon

Hatie from Southern Cross

Romy from Grotesque Lovesongs

She from Breaking Up

Lillian from żDe Donde?

Marge Hackett from The Substance of Fire

Lady from I Stand Before You Naked

Marlene from Talking Things Over with Chekhov

Judy from Unchanging Love

Dottie from Walking the Dead

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