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FAQ - Adding a Writer:


You must enter at least the last name for your writer.

When entering the name, do not include any honorifics or titles such as "Sir" or "Jr."

If the last name is in the form "De La Cruz," enter "De La" as the middle name.


Enter the country that the writer is most associated with.


You can use this space to enter any biographic information about the author that you have. Please do not enter copyrighted information as it will be removed.


Please enter the date of birth and death for this writer in the form YYYY/MM/DD (1970/02/03)

If either of these dates are before 1700 leave these fields blank and enter that information as part of the biography.

If the writer is still living, leave the death field blank.

Birth/Death Location

You can use these fields to enter the city, state, and country where the writer was born and where they died.

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