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FAQ - Adding a Play:

Title/Alt Title

For the title, enter the title of the play. It is our convention to list plays starting with "A," "An," and "The" with those words at the start of the title such as "A Miller's Tale", rather than at the end as in "Miller's Tale, A".

If the play has an alternate title such as "A Miller's Tale, or It All Comes Out in the Grind", enter the second title as the alternate title.

If the play is a translation or an adaptation of a well-know story or play, enter the translator or adapter in the alt title space as in Title: "The Cherry Orchard", Alt Title: "Translated by John Smith"


For each play in, you can assign any number of authors (who we define as being responsible for the script or the book), musicians (who we define as being responsible for any score or arrangement of the music), or lyricists (who we define as being responsible for all sung dialogue in a musical). To add a writer to any of the columns, simply scroll the box on the left until you find the writer you want to add (they are listed alphabetically by last name), click on that name to highlight it, then click on the -> arrow to add that writer to the list. To remove a writer, click on their name in the box on the right and click on the <- arrow and they will be removed from that list. If the play is a translation or adaptation of a well-known play, please enter the author of that well-known play as the author, and then enter the translator/adapter in the Alt Title space. To add a new writer, click here to add them, then reload the "Enter Play Information" page, and they will now be on the list.

To view information about a writer, select their name in the box on the left and click "Show Info". A new window will open showing the information for that writer. Please note that if you add a new writer, the information about them will not be visible until they have been approved by our editors. Newly-added writers are visible only so that you can use them when adding new plays.


Please enter any information that you think is necessary to help someone decide if they are interested in putting on this play.

Play Type

If the play contains a significant amount of singing, please select "Musical," otherwise just select "Play."


Please select all genres that apply to this play. You must select at least one genre.

To select multiple genres, hold down the control key, and then click on the genre.

Time Period of Play

You should select the time period or periods in which the play is set.

To select multiple period, hold down the control key, and then click on the period.


This should be the approximate amount of time it would take to show the play, in minutes.

Only enter a single value, like 90. Do not enter a range like 75-80.

Number of acts

If you know the number of acts, enter it here. You should enter only numeric values such as 1.

Set Complexity/Information

This should give an indication of how much time and expense should go into building the set. Simple would indicate that the set is either bare, or can be built using simple items. Average would indicate that the set will require some construction to complete. Complex would indicate multiple sets, multi-level or rotating sets, or heavy special effects.

You can use the set information line to enter any information that might help someone better understand the level of complexity involved in putting on this play.

Number of Characters

For each section, Total Characters, Male Characters, Female characters, Androgynous characters, Minimum Characters, and Max Characters, enter a single number indicating how many of that type of character is involved in the play.

If you have a situation where a certain number of characters can be played by either men or women, enter the MINUMUM number of male and female characters necessary to put on that play, then indicate the difference in the androgynous characters field.

Example: Your play can have 11 to 13 characters, with 5-7 men and 6-8 women, but only two of the characters can be played by either sex. For total characters, enter 11, the minimum necessary. For male characters, enter 5, for female characters, enter 6, for androgynous characters, enter 2, then enter 11 for minimum characters, and 13 for maximum characters.

If you have a play where doubling is possible (the same person can play multiple characters), enter the EXACT number of total, male and female characters as listed in the dramatis personae, but indicate in the Minimum/Maximum character fields that you can perform the play with less than the total number of characters.

Example: Your play has 5 male characters, and 3 female characters. One of the female characters can be played by the same actress. For total characters, enter 8, for male characters, enter 5, for female characters, enter 3, for minimum characters, enter 7, and for maximum characters, enter 8.

Published Date

Enter the year that the play was first published. If the play was published before 1700, please leave this field blank.

Publisher/Publisher Link

Enter the name of the publisher who is currently publishing this play.

If you are self-publishing, enter "Self-published by" and enter your name.

You must also enter a link that a user can follow in order to purchase the play. It is not necessary to start this link with http:// as we will fill that in automatically.

Your link must go directly to a page where the user can purchase the play. If it does not link there directly, then we will either change the link, or not add the play to the database.

ISBN Number

If you know the ISBN number of the play, you can enter it here. You should enter the 10 digit number without any spaces or dashes.

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